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This article aims to explain the importance of building a residual income and the need for individuals to use the commercial model of network marketing if their dreams are to gain financial and temporal freedom. Even if you currently have a job or business, you must focus on network marketing to earn passive or passive income over time.

The most common way of defining residual income is “earned income during sleep”. Is it really possible to earn an income while you sleep all the time? This may seem strange to some people, but it is possible.

The importance of residual income in a man’s life is expressed in the words of billionaire investor Warren Buffet, who said: “If you can not find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until death”.

Residual income is a concept that many ignore without realizing that their future well-being depends on it. And with what result? With harmful consequences.

If you go to work every working day and receive a salary at the end of the month, you simply save time. Your salary is not balanced. When your job ends, your income is automatically set.

Let me explain the remaining income using the following example.

Imagine two men in a village. Every day, they have to walk a mile on a river to fetch water for their families. After a month, a man begins to build an underground pipeline to connect the river to his home. For a whole year, use the extra energy in your pipeline. In the end, he has the water source directly at his home while the other person continues to visit the river.

Residual income is like building a pipeline that brings water from your source to your home, so you do not have to go to the river.

In this short example, you will see that the construction of the pipeline took a while. But after that, the man loved the water supply effortlessly.

The second man, who had not taken the same initiative, had yet to go to the river because of his water supply. What will happen if you do not feel well? He and his family remain without water and suffer the consequences.

There are many business initiatives that you can use to earn residual income. But I recommend network marketing or MLM, as some would like to call it because there is no need to define a ton of investment capital.

Much has been said about network marketing by various network marketing experts, but many still speculate on it.

The reasons people do not turn to network marketing are NOT:

• because they do not have money

• because the opportunity or the business is not good.

• because they are afraid of being deceived.

• because the profit margins are not high enough.

• because the product demand is not large enough

• because they must first ask their spouse.

• because they need a night to sleep.

• because they need more time to search for the business.

• because they need to talk to you to join you

• because you have to ask other people on Facebook if you are a good sponsor.

• because they need to see your bank account to prove the results.

• because they do not believe it.

The real reason they do not join the opportunity of network marketing is that they have been labeled by consumers as consumers of goods rather than producers.

They were conditioned to buy “education”, but not to buy knowledge.

They were conditioned to have a “job” but not a “business”.

They were conditioned to be workers, but not to be their superiors.

They are not thinkers, instead of moving

They are intimidated by everything that challenges them.

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