To avoid incorrect credits, discard the credit card.

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Ask anyone who has a credit card for fear of his number one and who will probably tell you … that their biggest fear is “NO” to have a credit card. I mean, these are usually people who have huge credit card debt and accumulate interest rates every month at a high percentage.

If you ask them if they want to free themselves from this slavery, you should be able to live by a standard that does not give them sleepless nights with the stress of repayment. But if this journey began with the removal of their valuable assets – the paper – you would literally yawn in their saliva, there are solutions that far exceed the mountain of debt that it represents.

I know because I was there. It’s the fear of “not having enough”, “being trapped”, “needing” something that would buy my card and scary things in your heart. And that’s what the system really depends on. Money is freely distributed, the more you borrow, the more money you spend. A diabolical but very profitable business (for the creditor), but a surefire way to lose everything for the borrower.

The question is: how do you overcome this fear? I would like to say that there is a support circle that you can help with to help you use cold turkey or a medicine you can take to treat your problems. To heal properly, you must tear the plaster. You must expose it to the air and start the natural regeneration process. Yes, I know, it hurts, yes, I know it’s not nice – but what’s the alternative? … you are constantly spending money that you do not have; They wake up sweaty; You panic when you see a letter of request and they faint almost every time you knock on the front door.

To begin the healing process, you must remove the plaster … you must remove the plastic. There is a book I read once and the title has served me well on many occasions – Feel the fear and do it for good. There must come a time when you have to make the decision to “feel the fear and do it permanently” and move towards financial freedom.

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