The Lenovo Z6 Pro AnTuTu score was revealed by Vice President Chang Cheng, got more than 400K

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It has become quite common for upcoming smartphones to appear in benchmark applications like AnTuTu, Geekbench and Master Lu.

And sometimes, it’s the same company that reveals these scores before being launched. This time, it was Lenovo’s vice president, Chang Cheng, who decided to share the Lenovo Z6 Pro’s AnTutu score through his Weibo account.

As expected, the phone marks quite well in the benchmarking application.

In the image shared by Chang Cheng, the Lenovo Z6 Pro gets more than 400,000 in AnTuTu. The flagships with Snapdragon 855 tend to score just under 400K, so this is a pretty remarkable number.

However, we have often seen that official scores are more inflated than those in real life. And considering Lenovo’s history, expect a slightly lower score in real life.

We already know some specifications of the Lenovo Z6 Pro. The phone will have a configuration of four cameras on the back with Hyper Video technology. We covered the phone renderings and camera design in detail here, so check this article for more details.

As for the phone’s specifications, we know it will come with Snapdragon 855 inside with a macro lens of 2.39 cm and a 48 MP AI camera. The quad camera configuration is capable of capturing 100 MP photos. In addition, Lenovo has confirmed its association with the Legion game brand for this phone.

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