The latest version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is added to the ARCore list of compatible Google devices

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In recent times, the giant of South Korea, Samsung, has been busy with the compatibility of its smartphones with the software-based Augmented Reality (AR) platform, ARCore.

Last week, the company added Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A30 to ARCore’s list and has now added its latest flagship version, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. Keep in mind that the other Galaxy S10 series smartphones (Galaxy S10, Galaxy S1oe and Galaxy S10 Plus) are already included in the ARCore list. With this latest addition, the Galaxy S10 5G version is now guaranteed to offer trouble-free operation with AR applications.

The addition of the Galaxy S10 5G version to the ARCore list is quite appropriate considering the fact that the 5G network continues to gain popularity. In fact, this smartphone has not completely hit the market and it could take a couple of weeks before that happens. Samsung has a good market in its country of origin and 5G was marketed in South Korea a few days ago. This means that potential users of the Galaxy S10 5G version in the country will have no problem with AR applications.

The AR applications in the Galaxy S10 5G version will be softer than other phones due to the upper sensors. The 3D ToF sensor aimed backwards will offer a better and more accurate AR experience than other smartphones in which the normal camera is used with other sensors like GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope to map an area in 3D.

What is ARCore?
Augmented Reality (AR) is a current trend in the manufacturing sector and this is why Google has created a platform to integrate AR experiences with smartphones. This platform is called ARCore. A phone listed in ARCore can provide virtual content as if it were real. The geometry of your smartphone can be determined using ARCore’s motion tracking technology.

As with AR headphones, users can use sensors to detect movement and everything looks real. ARCore is a software function and the main sensor that uses this function is the camera and motion sensors. Therefore, smartphones with motion cameras and high quality motion sensors can get this update, but Google must approve it. ARCore does not work with any Android system below Android 7.0 Nougat. If an OEM considers it necessary, any Android phone with the necessary functions can be added to the ARCore list.

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