Stay free of debt and avoid the rate of 666

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Religions love debt, and those who have been captured desperately need help, so where are they going? It is incredible that most debtors and those who wish to help are religious. Think of St. Vincent de Paul, the Salvation Army, etc. They are there and they are generally good at helping. But the question is: why do people fall into the trap, which was first built in 666. If you have to see where I come from Revelation 13:17, it means that he is responsible for the economy.

The question is: who is he and how was he responsible for the world order? To explain, in my opinion, is to know my career and how I was born from this knowledge. At first I have a memory of reincarnation and I know that there is the great spirit of the universe, which is the only true God.

Humans have created their own version of the Supreme Creator through the sun and the moon, which are more visible to us, the heavenly bodies. The sun in all its splendor has added extra dimensions as its rays are scattered over an object and the beautiful star of the rainbow colored rings of movement appears. For the primitive and uneducated leaders of the ancestral men, it was an even greater god.

They called her Mary, which means “mother’s eye” and trained a woman from it. So, they could marry Maria with protective spells on the cross that appears in the center of the star. From this beginning, man’s progress in modern life began, but nothing could change in his “God”.

When Constantine founded the Catholic Church in 325, he had to support the image, otherwise no one would have accepted it. He had the power, the resources, and the cohorts to put into practice the new world order on the basis of what he had established (Revelation 13: 13-18). This included the economic system that supports the trading of coins or money.

The problem has always been to make more money than to spend the weakness of others and capitalize on it. He stays the same today. To avoid getting into debt and avoid the trap, you should think of something before you buy it and check again whether it is necessary or not. Do not sign contracts for things you can not pay yourself consciously.

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