Samsung Galaxy A80 vs Oppo Reno vs Vivo X27 Pro: Comparison Specifications

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Emerging cameras have become one of the biggest trends among smartphone manufacturers. Many of them consider this as an incredible solution to get rid of the bezel on the screen. With the new Galaxy A80, Samsung has also adopted this solution, but in a slightly different way. The Korean giant has brought more innovation by creating a rotating camera.

But will this new phone be better than its Chinese competition in the medium-high sector? You can find out with us if you go ahead with this comparison between the Samsung Galaxy A80, the new Oppo Reno and the Vivo X27 Pro. We decided to compare the innovative Galaxy A80 with the best mid-range devices from Oppo and Vivo, as equipped of similar prices and also have emerging cameras.

Several people call it ugly, but I am magnetically attracted to the way the Samsung Galaxy A80 turns its camera to allow users to take photos and selfies with the same triple configuration. Surely you need the innovation prize. But Oppo Reno has a cleaner and more attractive back, which is why I prefer a little more. It features a “shark fin” pop-up camera and also appears to have the highest screen-body ratio. Last but not least, it has more compact dimensions, making it easier to hold, use with one hand and save in a pocket.

Even if Samsung is the king of the screens, you will not see obvious differences between the panels of these phones. All are equipped with Super AMOLED technology, Full HD + resolution and satisfactory color reproduction.

So it’s a bit pointless to compare your screens. Remember that, with 6.7 inches, Samsung Galaxy A80 and Vivo X27 Pro have a wider diagonal which is more satisfying for productivity and multimedia. But at the same time, they are less compact than Oppo Rhine, as mentioned above.

Specifications and software
Do you always want to get the fastest and most fluid presentations on your phone? So switch to the Samsung Galaxy A80 with a newer, more efficient and more powerful Snapdragon 730 chipset! It was officially announced only two days ago and is very good for advanced users and games.

On the other hand, Oppo Reno and Vivo X27 Pro offer more internal storage space in its more expensive variants: up to 256 GB (the Galaxy A80 stops at 128 GB). This is important because none of these phones has expandable memory. Do you prefer to have slightly better performance or more internal storage space?

The most complete camera department belongs to the Vivo X27 Pro. It features a three-camera configuration on the back that includes a high-quality sensor, while on the front there is an impressive 32 MP shooter.

You get a similar setup with the Samsung Galaxy A80 on the back, but it has a less bright focal length and no front camera, since you can also use the rotating camera as a front camera. Oppo Reno has a front camera, but only has a double camera on its back and an ultra-thin lens is missing.

Since the Vivo X27 Pro has the largest battery (4000 mAh) and has a much higher capacity than the Samsung Galaxy A80 and Oppo Reno, it will probably last longer on a single charge in almost all scenarios. There is not much difference between the data sheets of these phones, so the only question actually refers to software optimization, since we have not yet tested the battery life of the Galaxy A80 and Oppo Reno (since they are become official).

The Samsung Galaxy A80 will hit the market for € 650 / $ 731 in Europe, Oppo Reno starts at € 400 / $ 450 in China and the Vivo X27 Pro costs € 530 / $ 596. In general, these phones are more or less at the same level, but personally I would bet on the Vivo X27 Pro thanks to its excellent camera.

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