Samsung confirms the development of sub-screen camera technology for “perfect full-screen” devices

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Most smartphone manufacturers are looking for innovative ways to improve the viewing experience. To get a better screen / report body, equipment manufacturers are currently adjusting the position of the front camera.

Recently, manufacturers have opted for contextual selfie modules, a perforation design, a drip notch, slip technology or other means to house the front camera module. However, there is no technology or method that allows users to try a full screen experience.

However, the Korean media report that Samsung is developing a “perfect full-screen” display technology. Samsung’s vice president of R&D, Yang Byung-duk, talked about the possibility of a “perfect full-screen” display a few weeks ago.

The new display technology aims to achieve a “perfect full screen” without holes or punches. All the sensors will be integrated on the screen without damaging the visual experience. This would help Samsung achieve 100% viewing without any openings.

The new technology will not affect the functionality of the display and camera. None of the things will work perfectly. The front camera and the screen will remain intact with each other – as if the front camera had not been used, the hole would have become invisible. It has some similarities with current on-screen fingerprint technology.

Although this is not the first time that Samsung has spoken in low voices about the technology of the future. On many occasions, the Korean giant has published important details on the development of technologies.

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There are only minimal details on the new “perfect full screen”. We expect further information on the surface through losses and rumors in the coming days.

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