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Income is hard earned and valuable in terms of future needs. Do not consider it “easy, easy” because many like to do it. To make sure you can meet your needs and have no debts, it is advisable to set aside many things each day. This small growth will increase over time and, in case of emergency, will be available. On the other hand, once you have gone through a difficult time and you are in debt, you can manage it.

You will need a special book for this exercise. It can be a notebook on which you can correct certain columns or the most specialized general ledger purchased from the store. On the one hand, you must write all your debts, for example as rent, estimated purchase costs, etc. At this time, the quantity or size is not important. Take a nap.

Write your entries on the next page. You will quickly see how short you are between the two columns. Now comes the difficult one.

Subtract the expected rent and purchase from the total. Decide now the most urgent bills and the total number of invoices. Call any company and offer a payment of less than a week or two in the next few months. Do not look for yourself and make sure it’s feasible.

Write down this obligation on the debt side and add it to the rent and purchase amount and make sure it is covered. Now take a little more, all you can afford, even if it’s only $ 5 or $ 10. Do not spend a penny unnecessarily. Forget the cups of coffee and luxury items because they do not fit your budget.

Move slowly away from the debt situation and buy nothing for which you can not pay money. Cut your credit card and use only cash to buy your assets. The rent can be paid via the B-Pay system, along with the invoices of other companies. This saves you time and effort when you run.

This program works and all you need is discipline and time to train and stick to your budget. Over time, the little you pay each day of income will give you the security to cope with unexpected slowdowns. You may also be enough to take a trip or vacation from time to time. Do not relax when dealing with debts, you will never regret it.

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