OnePlus 7 Pro: see how the retractable camera mechanism works

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OnePlus 7 Pro no longer has any kind of secret. The latest generation smartphone was in fact completely revealed in a specific event in that of London. From his addition to a renewed design and a first-rate technical department, here was the introduction of the particular retractable front camera that allowed Pete Lau and his engineers to make a OnePlus 7 Pro full screen, without notches or details stratagems. One wonders now how this camera works from a technical point of view?

OnePlus 7 Pro: how the front cam works

The answer to the question comes from the usual JerryRigEverything which has become a classic of the aggressive “dismantling” of the latest generation smartphones. Here is that with the output of the new OnePlus 7 Pro did not hesitate to get your hands on and disassemble its Nebula Blue version allowing you to find out how the company has made the smartphone and especially how it has implemented the mechanism of disappearance of the device.

During dismantling, Zack confirmed the smartphone’s good grip against water resistance. We know that the OnePlus 7 Pro does not have IP68 certification, but in fact, Pete Lau stated at the conference that the smartphone could still resist splashing and more. Disassembly allows you to discover how the glass back cover is difficult to remove due to the presence of a well-sealed frame. Not only because the frame of the rear cameras is also divided from the rest of the device and also with a particular predisposition to resistance.

Interesting then to discover the mechanism of disappearance of the front camera . OnePlus has stated that it has certified it for at least 300,000 openings and closings. This means that for at least 5 years there should be no problems whatsoever with this mechanism. Zack, unveiling the new OnePlus 7 Pro, shows in plain sight the piston mechanism that activates the front camera support. This involves an automatic re-entry in case of camera overrides and not only because the operating system, in case of too many simultaneous openings and closures, shows a warning on the display to preserve the integrity of the mechanism.

An interesting video that allows you to see up close the system that OnePlus has invented to make the front camera disappear completely and make the display even wider for users.

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