New loss reveals more in the four models of Samsung Galaxy Note 10

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For the first time, we’re ready to get four new Samsung Galaxy Note devices. The Galaxy Note 10 is expected to be available in four versions, one of three is said to be a cheaper and smaller model, not completely different from the recently released Galaxy S10e.

Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 phones some time ago, with the company that launched a total of four models, for the first time in the series. This could be the topic to follow, as there are important rumors that we will also have four Galaxy Note 10 models.

The new information has provided us with more details on the four devices. On the one hand, we now know what your model numbers will be: SM-N970, SM-N971, SM-N975 and SM-N976. The first two are essentially the same device, with the only difference that the SM-N971 supports 5G. The last two also reflect that relationship. Basically, we will get two devices, SM-N970 and SM-N975, each with a 5G variant.

SM-N970 should be the cheapest and the smaller of the two. It should measure at 6.28 “, which is a bit small for a Galaxy Note. There is a possibility that it could be sold as the 10e note, like the S10e. The SM-N975 will be the most expensive and could have a screen of 6.75 inches.

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