iPhone XR 2019: here are the new live colors coming and the features of the new iPhone

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We return to talk about Apple and its new iPhones coming up by the end of this 2019. In fact, on the net, colored glass splinters have appeared that can be connected to the back covers of the iPhone XR 2019 that the Cupertino company intends to introduce for the first time on the market. We remember how iPhone XR was a phone “with a thousand colors” after Apple decided to move its product catalog with a less expensive and performing device but that allows users to be chosen in different body colors. Now it seems that for 2019 there may be news within the colors with some changes in tone.

iPhone XR 2019: green and lavender are coming

According to the most experienced and especially according to the image appeared on the net some time ago here is that Apple could actually change the colors of their iPhone XR by introducing green and lavender instead of the current coral and blue tints. Only the glass shards of the likely back covers of the new iPhones think only Mark Gurman, a journalist known for his rumors at Apple, has just published an image depicting fragments of colored glass dating back to device prototypes from Apple.

Many claim to be a successful successor of the current iPhone XR, which could even change its name to the iPhone XE, but above all to see a differently colored body than the current one as well as a change, or rather an update, of the technical specifications, especially on the camera .

Here according to experts, Apple would be ready to present to the whole world a new generation iPhone equipped with a triple camera at the rear at least for the top models namely XS 2019 and XS Max 2019. iPhone XR (or iPhone XE) could instead see the introduction of a double sensorinstead of a single one with changes in design and above all in color.

At a technical level here is that the new smartphone from Apple “low cost” should still have the same 6.1-inch display with the famous notch in the upper part to allow the use of the Face ID and therefore the release with face recognition. The optics at this point should change and become two of the same calibration of the current ones on the iPhone XS which would therefore modify its by introducing a third sensor. The rest unfortunately is not clear but we think of an upgrade to an internal hardware level with even better performance than the current ones.

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